Wireless Throttle

The throttle is how you control your speed on the fly, including braking.

Most of the wireless controllers you can buy come with the throttle transmitter, a receiver, a bind plug and are 2.4 GHz. Make sure yours comes with instructions on how to bind your transmitter and receiver to the same channel.

The wireless receiver attaches to your speed controller (VESC/ESC) and plugs into the BEC in order to reduce the current and voltage that powers it (most VESCs come with a BEC built-in). Use the instructions and diagrams that come with your speed controller to work out where and how the receiver plugs in.

One consideration to take is which design of throttle you want to use. Three main types are push, wheel and trigger.

Some wireless throttles are more expensive because of a few extra features. However, your speed controller (VESC/ESC) needs to be compatible with these extra features, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you buy.

These extra features can include:

  • Speed limiting modes
  • Battery indicator
  • Speedometer